Talks with producer behind Malady

Malady, a dark, intense and melodramatic film about love and illness is the latest from award- winning British indie producers.

The creators behind the award- winning indie movie Rose, Jack James and Kemal Yildirim, are about to launch their latest film, Malady. The trailer sent shivers down my spine, and that is exactly the feeling I am looking for in a film.

Kemal Yildirim, co-producer and lead actor, said it had been an “amazing experience” to work on the film.

“It’s not often you have so many creative minds so in sync with each other,” said Kemal. “Creative people have such strong and passionate ideas that can lead in different ways. However, this was not the case on Malady.”

He said that the small, but dedicated team behind Malady made it easier to cope with the two very different roles of producer and actor, but he also admitted that it had its challenges.

“It was tough mainly due to the opposing nature of the two roles, producing being mainly the business and logistically end of the spectrum and acting being the creative,” he said.

Kemal Yildirim as  Matthew in Malady. Photo: Malady

Kemal Yildirim as Matthew in Malady. Photo: Malady

According to IMDb, the director of Malady exposed the actors to extreme isolation, so the emotions seen in the film are probably quite real.

Malady will soon start touring international festivals, but that does not stop Kemal from continue producing: he is already developing his next and most ambitious project so far, the apocalyptic film Skies.

And now, some tech stuff and tips:

When asked what he preferred shooting with, the answer was clear: “Personally I prefer film and my reasons are really artistic; you can’t replicate the look and feel of film and the depth within the frame.

“I am one of the lucky ones who trained on film as well as other mediums, with the advent of digital I feel a certain level of skill has been lost as with film you had to understand light in a deeper way to really make use of it.”

But he also said that digital has its advantages: “I do believe it has massive advantages i.e. cost/time and this makes it easier for independent filmmakers to get their film made.”

Behind the scenes. Photo:Malady

Behind the scenes. Photo: Malady

And for you aspiring filmmakers, Kemal had three fundamental tips: dedication, passion and networking. He also said that as a director, you have to understand what your themes are and explore and develop these.

Ok, one last tip: “Always as a director you must understand all roles with a film production and surround yourself with people that are a passionate about what they do,” Kemal advised.

Dates and locations for the screening of Malady are not available yet, but I recommend that you check out Malady’s website ever now and then if you are interested.